The TripsWare Advantage

PE Back Office Expertise

Our knowledge and first-hand experience in the private equity field allows us to provide domain expertise and suggestions for best practices. We work with well- established firms looking to migrate from inefficient legacy systems, new firms that are just getting started, or spin-off entities that need to set up their own back office. Whatever stage you are in, TripsWare lets you manage expenses from all aspects of deal flow including fundraising, due diligence, portfolio company oversight, and management company overhead.

Robust Accounting Integration

We provide a seamless automatic import of your expense data to your accounting system, based on your firm’s specific business rules. We can also make recommendations for optimizing your GL set-up to improve your ability to track expenses within your accounting software.

Customizable Features

We appreciate that each investment firm has its own distinct back office procedures, approval workflow and tracking requirements. Our system features an array of custom features that offer flexibility and scalability to meet your firm’s needs as you grow.

White Glove Client Support

We are committed to providing you with immediate, personalized customer support. Your firm will be assigned a dedicated TripsWare team to assist you with all services including implementation, training, billing, and ongoing support.

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